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Most Popular Home Scented Oils for Home Fragrance Use

The power of smell is often overlooked and yet it can really make or break certain products and experiences. This is especially true when it comes to the interior design and home care industries. Good scents evoke positive emotions and memories and so home care products that include home fragrance components and scented oils will always win out over products that have no scent or bad scents.

But what are good scented oils to add to your home fragrance products? The following is a look at some of the most popular essential oils for use in the home and why:

  • Lemon. Lemon and other citrus-based scented oils are fantastic choices for any type of cleaning product as well as general home fragrance products. Lemon is popular because it is so closely related to cleanliness and so just its fresh scent evokes a feeling of cleanliness and satisfaction.

  • Lavender. Lavender has a soft summery scent that many people find very soothing. As such, it is a good home fragrance to add to business products that will be used in the bedroom and bathroom.

  • Peppermint. Peppermint leaves a fresh smell but a slightly different type of fresh scent than lemon-based scented oils. Where citrus-based scented oils leave an overall clean feeling, peppermint-based scented oils leave a more upbeat or invigorating clean feeling. This is a good home fragrance to use in products for the kitchen and offices -- places where consumers will want to feel invigorated.

  • Rosemary. Did you know that the ancient Greeks would wear rosemary-woven garlands around their heads and draped around their necks whenever they were studying? Something about rosemary helps to inspire memory attention and many people associate just the scent of the herb with that. So if you have a home product that is designed for use in home offices, dining rooms, or living rooms -- places where people might study or participate in activities that require concentration, such as board games or video games, then consider adding rosemary-scented oils.


Of course, while these are some of the most popular home fragrance scents, they certainly aren't the only good ones to use in home-oriented products. For help in finding the right custom scented oils for your business product, give our team at Arise Aromatics a call.

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