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Fragrance Solutions

Common Notes in Fragrance Solutions

When you partner with our fragrance manufacture Australia, you will have the opportunity to choose from hundreds of unique scents that we can add to your products. Our fragrance solutions make it possible to add just about any type of scent to your products, be them personal care products like shampoos or home goods like laundry detergents. If you're not sure what type of fragrance solutions you're looking for, consider the following popular fragrance notes we commonly group our scents as:

  • Floral notes. Floral notes are incredibly popular fragrance solutions as they emit a sweet and flowery scent like that of jasmine, roses, and lilies. Our fragrance manufacture Australia set-up can deliver both very light floral scents consisting of just one or two blends or make it more complex for a burst of floral scents.

  • Woody notes. Woody notes or woody fragrance solutions are split into scents that are earthy with some sweet undertones and scents that have a smokier scent. Woody fragrance solutions are good choices for certain home products thanks to their giving a place a more homelike atmosphere.

  • Citrus notes. Citrus notes are also a great choice for home products, especially cleaning products. These notes are those that are citrus-based and it is likely the most popular genre of fragrance manufacture Australia. At least when it comes to our facility.

  • Oriental notes. The industry calls notes that are spicy and sweet oriental notes as they often are based on certain spices popular in Asian markets. Spices like cardamom, orange blossom, curry, and cinnamon.


Of course, while these are among the most popular notes found in our fragrance solutions, they are not the only ones. Contact our fragrance manufacture Australia team to learn more.

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